Bremen - visit to one of my favorite towns on occasion of the GI-Jahrestagung 2007

Bremen train station - mosaic of local themes (from the 50s)

flat croissants with cinnamon - said to be a memory of french troups stationed in Hamburg in the 1800s or so ...

Wallanlagen - the old defense rampart turned into a park (in the middle of the city)



the cathedral (Dom)

at entry to the Böttchergasse

the Himmelssaal (sky room) by Hoetger in Böttchergasse (rarely accessible)

the staircase to the Himmelssaal

Sögestrasse (Söge = pigs)

useful pigs...

market - dutch tulips on sale

'Der Roland'

buten un binnen, wagen un winnen

central place between Rathaus and Kaufmannschaft

a Venecian piazza up north...

remains that survived several wars, lovingly secured and resurrected

Schlachte - along the river

view of the Schlachte



links der Weser... (left side of the river)

left graffiti art left of the Weser

Wallanlagen - biking paradise

hmmmm (catching the eye)

Aegina (sculpture by Gerhard Marcks)

Wallanlagen park (mideveal ramparts)

Mühle in den Wallanlagen

 (ramparts park)

Hanse-style buildings (my favorite one)

die alte Waage

Hanse-style building (this one is my favorite)

and the top

this was new - across the Baumwoll und Kaffeebörse... (the coffee exchange)

kind of a fountain

altes Amtsgericht (the old court building)

old court building

die Wümme

Wall an der Wümme

am Dobben

Rathhaus (this is 15somethinghundreds...)

inside Rathaus

the arms of Bremen

wale bone (Rathaus)

conference dinner inside the Rathaussaal

how the sailors did away with the boredom during travel...

small street in the Viertel

view towards the center of life and party: Ostertorsteinweg

die Glocke (the bell - the concert house, built in the 30s)

Domsheide (right side:  cathedral)

train station

inside train station (detail)

Gräfin Emma

next to the cathedral

Roland und Rathaus

Marktplatz (market place), Poseidonbrunnen and cathedral

Glocke and cathedral

in Peterswerder

typical streets

somebody went 30 without being married (Domtreppen fegen)...

market aside the church

the Universum (science exploratorium museum)

watch dog