Hardware-Technology and Software Links taken from Brygg Ullmer's PhD thesis (RFID systems, MIDI etc. )

TINI: Tiny InterNet Interface. Dallas Semiconductor platform is a combination of a small but powerful chipset and a JavaTM-programmable runtime environment. The heart of the chipset is the DS80C390 microcontroller.

PICmicro® Mid-Range MCU Family Reference Manual

Microcomputer Basic Stamp, Pallaxinc. size of a stamp, programmable in Basic

The iRX 2.2 ...where atoms meet bits. To simplify this process of binding "atoms" to "bits," the Personal Information Architecture group
from MIT  has created a simple interface device to simplify this process of binding "atoms" to "bits,". The iRX is a circuit card measuring 1.25" × 3" with an RS-232 serial port, a visible LED, an infrared LED, and an infrared detector.  At the heart of the board is the PIC16F84A, a  little microcontroller made by Microchip  Technologies, Inc.

SaJe Real-Time Native Java Execution. SaJe has a 32-bit native Java technology controller with a fast, 32-bit wide memory data path. The Systronix aJile euroboard (SaJe) is a 100x160 mm development board featuring  the aJ100 native Java(tm) processor from aJile Systems.