Boulder, Colorado

really a nice city:
mountains, bike paths (very uncommon in the US!), pedestrian area downtown, small shops, healthy food, local transportation bus system, ....

Inside Boulder Canyon, following the bike path 

                    (Boulder Canyon)

the yellow leaves are really amazing, different from "Indian summer" they are only yellow, but such bright yellow....

Boulder Creek runs through the city, accompanied from a nice bike trail

16 dwarfs waiting for the bus ?

This old train is positioned in a park close to one of the bike trails crossing Boulder creek, in-between CU campus and Pearlstreet.

It was nice sunny and warm weather throughout October and November. Yet there were one or two days of

These are from the top of the Engineering building of CU, Boulder, which is one of the highest buildings in Boulder


Copyright and Impressum: Eva Hornecker, research center artec, University of Bremen, Germany
February 2002