Life and Work  at L3D
Lots of meetings in the lab space

I was guest at L3D in October/November 2001 as part of my PhD project.

My own research is on the use and the benefits of graspable resp. tangible user interfaces for cooperative design situations. Thus I was interested in assessing the EDC in cooperative settings and learning more about the design of graspable interfaces.
Working with Hal and Eric on the EDC and the PitA-Board

What have we been doing?:

We designed a scenario for a role play with external subjects in order to assess two different versions of the EDC. We taped the sessions on video for analysis. The role play experiment together with participants feedback allowed us to compare some strength and weaknesses of the different technologies, gave us ideas for design improvements, and suggested avenues for further research. 

The PitA-Board detects "tokens" with transducers inside

A group of participants in role play, using the EDC


Copyright and Impressum: Eva Hornecker, research center artec, University of Bremen, Germany
February 2002