Great Sand Dunes (Southern Colorado, San Luis Valley)


These views are from the plains and
from the hills slope near the mountain-side

The sharp edge is the Medano Creek, which encloses the Dunes. The Dunes are caught in-between the mountains and the creek, which carries the sand to where autumn winds will blow it back onto the Dunes. 

But the Sand Dunes are even more 
beautiful from within.....




slope down to the San Juan mountains

These are "star dunes" - the sand formations in the Great Sand Dunes are similar to what evolves in deserts like the Sahara

   traces in the sand .... and visitors from other planets 

                             "sand-boarder"  (?)  ("stock-loses Gesindel") - this  looks like fun
                              And the height here is comparable to skiing in the Alps!


Mountains everywhere...

Our German tourist group doing "extreme tourism"



Copyright and Impressum: Eva Hornecker, research center artec, University of Bremen, Germany
February 2002