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ACM interactions magazine  Forum 'Let's Get Physical'

The boundaries between "the digital" and our everyday physical world are dissolving as we develop more physical ways of interacting with computing. This forum presents some of the topics discussed in the colorful multidisciplinary field of tangible and embodied interaction. Editor: Eva Hornecker

Eva Hornecker
The role of physicality in tangible and embodied interactions
Volume 18 Issue 2, March + April 2011, Pages 19-23 (preprint pdf )

Danielle Wilde, Thecla Schiphorst, Sietske Klooster
Move to design/design to move: a conversation about designing for the body
Volume 18 Issue 4, July + August 2011, Pages 22-27

Jon Bird
The phenomenal challenge of designing transparent technologies.
Volume 18 Issue 6, November + December 2011, Pages 20-23 

Amanda Williams, Alicia Gibb, David Weekly
Research with a hacker ethos: what DIY means for tangible interaction research
Volume 19 Issue 2, March + April 2012, Pages 14-19

Clint Heyer, Kristoffer Husøy.
Interaction with the dirty, dangerous, and dull
Volume 19 Issue 4, July + August 2012, Pages 19-23

Orit Shaer, Amon Millner, Caroline Hummels
Trajectories in TEI: reflecting on the evolution of ideas, innovators, and interactions
Volume 19 Issue 6, November + December 2012, Pages 12-17 

Dagmar Kern, Bastian Pfleging
Supporting interaction through haptic feedback in automotive user interfaces
Volume 20 Issue 2, March + April 2013, Pages 16-21

Margot Brereton
Habituated objects: everyday tangibles that foster the independent living of an elderly woman
Volume 20 Issue 4, July + August 2013, Pages 20-24

Bart Hengeveld
Volume 20 Issue 6, November + December 2013, Pages: 22-26

Michael S. Horn
Beyond Video Games for Social Change
Volume 21 Issue 2, March + April 2014, Pages: 66-68

Jean-Luc Vinot, Catherine Letondal, Rémi Lesbordes, Stéphane Chatty, Stéphane Conversy, Christophe Hurter.
Tangible augmented reality for air traffic control
Volume 21 Issue 4, July + August 2014, Pages 54-57

Amanda Williams, Bruno Nadeau.
Manufacturing for makers: from prototype to product
Volume 21 Issue 6, November-December 2014, Pages 64-67