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Journal articles (peer-reviewed)

Yun Wang, Adrien Segal, Roberta Klatsky, Daniel F. Keefe, Petra Isenberg, Jörn Hurtienne, Eva Hornecker, Tim Dwyer and Stephen Barrass (2019). An Emotional Response to the Value of Visualization. To appear in: Visualization Viewpoints, IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications Magazine 2019

Areti Damala, Ian Ruthven, and Eva Hornecker (2019). The MUSETECH model : A comprehensive evaluation framework for museum technology. ACM JOCCH Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage. ISSN 1556-4711 (In Press) (see also MUSETECH Companion : Navigating the Matrix. Guide or manual. University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.)

Areti Damala, Eva Hornecker, Merel van der Vaart, Dick van Dijk, Ian Ruthven (2016). The Loupe: Tangible Augmented Reality for Learning to Look at Ancient Greek Art. Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, Vol. XVI, No 5,, pp. (In Press) (Open Access)

Trevor Hogan; Eva Hornecker (2016). Towards a Design Space for Multisensory Data Representation. Interacting with Computers 2016; First published online: May 20, 2016; free access link

Anna Xambó (Georgia Tech), Eva Hornecker (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar), Paul Marshall (University College London), Sergi Jordà (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Chris Dobbyn (The Open University), Robin Laney (The Open University) (2016). Exploring Social Interaction with a Tangible Music Interface. Accepted for publication. Interacting with Computers, 2016. doi: 10.1093/iwc/iww019 full text version, pdf free access link

Eva Hornecker (2016). The To-and-Fro of Sense Making: Supporting Users'Active Indexing in Museums. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction ToCHI. accepted for publication

Trevor Hogan, Uta Hinrichs, Eva Hornecker (2016). The Elicitation Interview Technique: Capturing People’s Experiences of Data Representations. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (online first in 2015), Volume: 22, Issue: 12, Dec. 1 2016) pp. 2579 - 2593

Eva Hornecker, Patrick Tobias Fischer (2014). Interaktion in Öffentlichen Räumen - Interaktive Installationen in Stadtraum und Museen. Informatik Spektrum 37(5),p. 440-444. Springer/GI.eV. (German Computer Society journal). Link official version.

Anna Xambó, Eva Hornecker, Paul Marshall, Sergi Jordà, Chris Dobbyn, Robin Laney (2013). Let's Jam the Reactable: Peer Learning during Musical Improvisation with a Tabletop Interface. ACM Transactions of HCI (ToCHI). Volume 20 Issue 6, December 2013, Article No. 36 ACM link

Patrick Tobias Fischer, Christian Zöllner, Thilo Hoffmann, Sebastian Piatza, Eva Hornecker (2013). Beyond Information and Utility – transforming public spaces with media façades. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications CG&A Vol. 33, No.2 38-46. (special issue on 'Interactive Public Displays'). link IEEE Explore DL

Frøy Birte Bjørneseth, Mark D. Dunlop, Eva Hornecker (2012). Assessing the Effectiveness of Direct Gesture Interaction for a Safety Critical Maritime Application.  International Journal of Human-Computer Studies IJHCS  70 (2012), 729–745 (special issue on Development, Evaluation and Deployment of Multi-touch Systems) (author's preprint version)  

Orit Shaer, Eva Hornecker (2010). Tangible User Interfaces: Past, Present and Future Directions. Foundations and Trends in HCI (FnT in HCI) Vol. 3 Nr. 1-2, 2010, pp. 1-138 (survey article on TUIs) pdf
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John Halloran, Eva Hornecker, Mark Stringer, Eric Harris, Geraldine Fitzpatrick (2009): The Value of Values: An Approach to Resourcing Co-Design of UbiComp. CoDesign - International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts Volume 5, Issue 4 December 2009 , pages 245 - 273(NEW: pdf)

Eva Hornecker, Andreas Dünser (2009): Of Pages and Paddles: Children's Expectations and Mistaken Interactions with Physical-Digital Tools. Interacting with Computers. Special issue on 'Physicality and Interaction'. Volume 21, Issues 1-2, January 2009, 95-107 (already out as DOI in 2008) preprint pdf

Eva Hornecker, F.W.Bruns (2005): Interaktion im Sensoric Garden - Eine Design-Reflektion. i-com Vol. 1 (2005) (the German society of informatics Human-Computer-Interaction journal. (selected papers from the M&C 2004 conference). pp. 4-11   (preprint)

Eva Hornecker (2004): Analogies from Didactics and Moderation/Facilitation Methods: Designing Spaces for Interaction and Experience. Digital Creativity Vol. 15 No. 4. pp. 239-244 pdf

Journal and Magazine articles (non-peer-reviewed)

Nick Dulake, Eva Hornecker, Daniela Petrelli (2019). A conversation around the design and experience of artifacts. ACM Interactions 26 (5), 52-57 2019. (online version)

Eva Hornecker and Michaela Honauer (2018). Creating design and arts-based performance projects as part of an interdisciplinary teaching practice. IEEE Multimedia Magazine Vol. 25, No. 2 April–June 2018, p.93-103 Artful Media Column. DOI: 10.1109/MMUL.2018.023121168 authors' version pdf © 2018 IEEE.

Jürgen Steimle, Eva Hornecker, Albrecht Schmidt (2014) (eds.) Interaction Beyond the Desktop - Aktuelle Forschung im deutschsprachigen Raum zu mobilen, be-greifbaren und eingebetteten Nutzungsschnittstellen. Editorial. Special Issue of Informatik Spektrum, Springer/GI.eV. (German Computer Society journal) (Vol 37, Iss. 5) p. 385. Oct. 2014. Link official version.

Daniela Petrelli, Luigina Ciolfi, Dick van Dijk, Eva Hornecker, Elena Not, Albrecht Schmidt (2013). Integrating material and digital: a new way for cultural heritage. ACM interactions magazine 20 (4), 58-63 author version (without images) and published version at the ACM DL

Eva Hornecker (2012). book review of: Divining a Digital Future: Mess and Mythology in Ubiquitous Computing, Paul Dourish & Genevieve Bell 2011. MIT Press. Journal of Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2012, December 2012, Volume 21, Issue 6, pp 597-603.

Eva Hornecker, Johann Habakuk Israel, Marius Brade, Dietrich Kammer (2012)„Be-greifbare Interaktion“ editorial of special issue of i-com (on tangible interaction), 2/2012. pp. 1-2

Eva Hornecker (2011). Let's Get Physical: The Role of Physicality in Tangible and Embodied Interactions. ACM interactions magazine vol 18, iss.2 (March/April), pp. 19-23 preprint pdf

Eva Hornecker, Albrecht Schmidt, Brygg Ullmer (2008): Editorial for the special issue on “Tangible and Embedded Interaction”. International Journal of Arts and Technology (IJART), Volume 1 - Issue 3/4 – 2008. 245-248

Eva Hornecker, Robert J.K. Jacob, Caroline Hummels, Brygg Ullmer, Albrecht Schmidt, Elise van den Hoven, Ali Mazalek (2008) TEI goes on: Tangible and Embedded Interaction. IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine/ Journal April-June (Vol . 7. No. 2). 91-95  Copyright IEEE pdf (a report on TEI 2007 and 2008)

Eva Hornecker (2008). Tangible Interaction - An Inclusive Perspective. form+zweck 22 (vol 40). English pages 78-85 ( pdf

Books and Articles in Books

Eva Hornecker and Luigina Ciolfi (2019). Human-Computer Interactions in Museums. New York: Morgan & Claypool, Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics, 2019. Publisher website

Luigina Ciolfi, Areti Damala, Eva Hornecker, Monika Lechner and Laura Maye (2018). Introduction. In: Ciolfi, Damala, Hornecker, Lechner and Maye (eds). Cultural Heritage Communities: Technologies and Challenges. Informa UK / Routledge (Taylor & Francis) 2018. p1-19.

Luigina Ciolfi, Areti Damala, Eva Hornecker, Monika Lechner and Laura Maye (eds.) (2018) Cultural Heritage Communities: Technologies and Challenges. Informa UK / Routledge (Taylor & Francis) 2018 (it says 2018, but available from October 2017) publishers webpage

Patrick Tobias Fischer and Eva Hornecker (2017). Media Architecture for Shared Encounters. In: Alexander Wiethoff, Heinrich Hußmann (Eds.) Media Architecture. Using Information and Media as Construction Material. de Gruyter, Berlin/Boston, Age of Acess Series Vol. 8. 2017. p. 5-23

Patrick Tobias Fischer , Eva Hornecker (2017). Creating Shared Encounters Through Fixed and Movable Interfaces. In: Anton Nijholt (ed). Playable Cities. The City as a Digital Playground. Springer Singapore, pp 163-185 Online available with Springer

Paul Marshall, Eva Hornecker (2013). Theories of Embodiment in HCI. in: The SAGE Handbook of Digital Technology Research, edited by Carey Jewitt, Sara Price and Barry Brown. Sage 2013

Trevor Hogan, Eva Hornecker (2012). Beyond Data Visualisations. in: A. Plohman, M. Sipos (eds.) Beyond Data. Baltan Laboratories and Kitchen Budapest 2012.  pp 131-136

Eva Hornecker (2011). Commentary on 'Philosophy of Interaction' by Dag Svanaes. In: Soegaard, Mads and Dam, Rikke Friis (eds.). "Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction". Available online at (Dec. 2011)

Eva Hornecker (2009). Tangible Interaction. Interaction-Design.Org Encyclopedia. Peer-reviewed online encyclopedia entry.

Eva Hornecker (2008): Die Rückkehr des Sensorischen: Tangible Interfaces und Tangible Interaction. In: Hans Dieter Hellige (ed.): Engpass Mensch-Computer-Interface. Historische, aktuelle und zukünftige Lösungsansätze für die Computerbedienung. Transcript Verlag. pp. 235-256 (also published in form+zweck 22 (vol 40). German pages 78-89) (preprint)

Brygg Ullmer, Albrecht Schmidt, Eva Hornecker, Caroline Hummels, Robert Jacob (eds.) (2007): Proceedings of First International Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2007 (TEI'07). ACM DL

Eva Hornecker (2005): Bedeutung interaktiv herstellen. In: Stephanie Porschen, Annegret Bolte (eds): Zugänge zu kooperativer Arbeit. Analysen zum Kooperationshandeln in Arbeitssituationen. ISF München (Institut für Sozialforschung). pp 64-67

Eva Hornecker (2005): Videobasierte Interaktionsanalyse – der Blick durch die (Zeit-)Lupe auf das Interaktionsgeschehen kooperativer Arbeit. In: Andreas Boes, Sabine Pfeiffer (2005) (eds.): Informationsarbeit neu verstehen. Methoden zur Erfassung informatisierter Arbeit. Reihe: ISF München Forschungsberichte, München. pp. 138-170.  (Preprint pdf)

Eva Hornecker (2004): Tangible User Interfaces als kooperationsunterstützendes Medium. PhD-thesis. published electronically at Elektronische Bibliothek, Staats und Universitätsbibliothek Bremen. July 2004

Patricia Arnold, Eva Hornecker (2004): CSCL in selbst organisierten Szenarien. In: Jörg Haake, Gerhard Schwabe, Martin Wessner (Eds.). CSCL-Kompendium - Lehr- und Handbuch zum computerunterstützten kooperativen Lernen. München: Oldenbourg. pp.276-285

Eva Hornecker, Bernd Robben, F.W. Bruns (2001): Technische Spielräume: Gegenständliche Computerschnittstellen als Werkzeug für erfahrungsorientiertes, kooperatives Modellieren. In: Ingo Matuschek/ Annette Henninger/ Frank Kleemann (Hrsg) (eds.)(2001): Neue Medien im Arbeitsalltag. Empirische Befunde - Gestaltungskonzepte - Theoretische Perspektiven. Wiesbaden: Westdeutscher Verlag.   (pp 193-216) Preprint
(On graspable interfaces for cooperative modelling and on Real Reality)

Ingrid Rügge, Bernd Robben, Eva Hornecker, Willi Bruns (Hrsg. / editors). (1998): Arbeiten und Begreifen: Neue Mensch-Computer-Schnittstellen. Lit-Verlag

Eva Hornecker (1998): Wo "tangible" und "virtual" sich berühren –Augmented Reality, Labilbaukästen und Real Reality. In: Rügge, Robben, Hornecker, Bruns (1998) pp.173-186

refereed conference papers

Johannes Kiesel, Kevin Lang, Henning Wachsmuth, Eva Hornecker and Benno Stein (2020). Investigating Expectations for Voice-based and Conversational Argument Search on the Web. accepted for ACM SIGIR Conference on Human Information Interaction & Retrieval (CHIIR 2020)

Michaela Honauer, Preetha Moorthy, Eva Hornecker (2019). Interactive Soft Toys for Infants and Toddlers – Design Recommendations for Age-appropriate Play. Proc. of ACM CHI-Play'19ACM 2019

Katta Spiel, Christopher Frauenberger, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Eva Hornecker (2019). Effects of Participatory Evaluation – A Critical Actor-Network Analysis. ACM CHI'19 extended abstracts (Case Study) Paper No. CS02. ACM DL.

Arne Berger, William Odom, Michael Storz, Andreas Bischof, Albrecht Kurze, Eva Hornecker (2019). The Inflatable Cat: Idiosyncratic Ideation of Smart Objects for the Home. ACM CHI 2019, Paper No. 401. ACM DL.

Aline Martinez, Michaela Honauer, Hauke Sandhaus & Eva Hornecker (2018). Smart Textiles in the Performing Arts. In: Textiles, Identity and Innovation. Proceedings of the 1st International Textile Design Conference (D-­TEX 2017), Lisbon, Portugal, 2‐4 November, 2017. CRC Press 2018, ISBN 978-1-138-29611-4

Pavel Karpashevich, Eva Hornecker, Michaela Honauer, Pedro Sanches (2018). Reinterpreting Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet: Interactive Costume for Unthinkable Movements. Proc. of ACM CHI 2018. ACM DL and pdf.

Kristian Gohlke, Eva Hornecker (2018). A Stretch-Flexible Textile Multitouch Sensor for User Input on Inflatable Membrane Structures & Non-Planar Surfaces. ACM UIST 2018 Adjunct Proc, p. 191-193 (Demo track), ACM DL.

Michaela Honauer, Christian Wiegert, Tahira Sohaib, Fernando Cárdenas Monsalve, Jing Zhao, Maike Alisha Effenberg, Milad Alshomary, Eva Hornecker (2017). Mermaids do not exist? Interactive Costumes do! Proc. of ACM MUM 2017, 535-540. Arts Track ACM DL

Krzysztof Wodiczko, Anke von der Heide, Patrick Tobias Fischer, Timm Burkhardt, Roy Müller, Lea Brugnoli, Hala Ghatasheh. Sebastian Schuster, Christian Paffrath, Muzaffar Ali, Mark Eisenberg, Michael Ohaya, Christian Rene Manzano Schlamp, David Leroy, Eva Hornecker, Wolfgang Sattler, Liz Bachhuber (2017). Die Ermittler – A Dialogue about Displacement, Refuge, and Home. Proc. of ACM MUM 2017, 527-533. Arts Track ACM DL

Preetha Moorthy, Michaela Honauer, Eva Hornecker, Andreas Mühlenberend (2017). Hello World: A Children’s Touch and Feel Books enhanced with DIY Electronics. Proc. of ACM MUM 2017, 481-488. Demo Track ACM DL

Till Fastnacht, Patrick Tobias Fischer, Eva Hornecker, Sabine Zierold, Abraham Ornelas Aispuro, Johannes Marschall (2017). The Hedonic Value of Sonnengarten –Touching Plants to Trigger Light. Proc. of ACM MUM 2017, 507-514. Video Track ACM DL

Trevor Hogan, Uta Hinrichs, Eva Hornecker (2017). The Visual and Beyond: Characterizing Experiences with Auditory, Haptic and Visual Data Representations. Proceedings of ACM DIS 2017, 797-809. author pdf and ACM DL

Michaela Honauer, Patrick Tobias Fischer, Eva Hornecker, Julia Hahn, Bahar Akgün, Claire Dorweiler, Liese Endler, Yvonne Götz, Muhammad Raisul Islam, Thomas Keßler, Djamel Merad, Preetha Moorthy, Thien Chinh Nguyen, Jie Qiu, Marie Vogelmann. Dusk: Adaption and Perception in Interactive Theatre. Case Study. Proceedings of ACM CHI 2017. pdf and ACM DL.

Hasibullah Sahibzada, Eva Hornecker, Florian Echtler, Patrick Tobias Fischer (2017). Designing Interactive Advertisements for Public Displays. Proceedings of ACM CHI 2017. 1518-1529. pdf and ACM DL

Katharina Spiel, Chris Frauenberger, Eva Hornecker, Geraldine Fitzpatrick (2017). When Empathy Is Not Enough: Assessing the Experiences of Autistic Children with Technologies. Proceedings of ACM CHI 2017. 2853-2864 . ACM DL. Honourable Mention Award.

Pavel Karpashevich, Eva Hornecker, Nana Kesewaa Dankwa, Mohamed Hanafy and Julian Fietkau. Blurring Boundaries between Everyday Life and Pervasive Gaming – An Interview Study of Ingress. Proc. of ACM MUM'16, ACM Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia Conference. 217-218. author pdf and ACM DL.

Michael Pannier, Eva Hornecker, Sven Bertel. Can't Touch This -- The Design Case Study of a Museum Installation (2016). In: Prinz, W., Borchers, J. & Jarke, M. (Hrsg.), Mensch und Computer 2016 - Tagungsband. Aachen: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. GI Digital Library Link. author pdf. HONOURABLE MENTION in category of full papers.

Trevor Hogan, Eva Hornecker (2016). Feel it! See it! Hear it! Probing Tangible Interaction and Data Representational Modality. accepted for DRS2016, Design Research Society Conference in Brighton, UK. CC free access link

Areti Damala, Merel van der Vaart, Loraine Clarke, Eva Hornecker, Gabriela Avram, Hub Kockelkorn, Ian Ruthven (2016). Evaluating tangible and multisensory museum visiting experiences: lessons learned from the meSch project. Museums and the Web 2016 (online proceedings abstract and paper)

Lynn Hoff, Eva Hornecker, Sven Bertel (2016). Modifying Gesture Elicitation: Do Kinaesthetic Priming and Increased Production Reduce Legacy Bias? Proceedings of TEI 2016, ACM NY, Pages 86-91. author pdf and ACM DL

Kristian Gohlke, Eva Hornecker, Wolfgang Sattler (2016). Pneumatibles – Exploring Soft Robotic Actuators for the Design of User Interfaces with Pneumotactile Feedback. Proceedings of TEI 2016, ACM NY, Pages 308-315. author pdf and ACM DL

Loraine Clarke, Eva Hornecker (2015). Social Activities with offline tangibles at an interactive painting exhibit in a children’s cultural centre. Proc. of BritishHCI'15, pp. 82-90 Lincoln, UK. BCS e-WIC repository, author pdf. ACM DL doi>10.1145/2783446.2783568 link

Michaela Honauer, Eva Hornecker (2015). Challenges for Creating and Staging Interactive Costumes for the Theatre Stage. Proc. of Creativity & Cognition 2015 (C&C'15). ACM 2015, pp. 13-22. author version doi>10.1145/2757226.2757242

Patrick Tobias Fischer, Eva Hornecker, Johann Gielen, Johannes Hartmann, Marco Schmandt, Anna Rack, Marie Bornemann, Felix Dondera and Herbert Grinda (2015). Exploring the Potential of Depictions with Sun Reflections. Proc. of Pervasive Displays 2015 (PerDis'15), ACM 2015, pp. 217-224. author version doi>10.1145/2757710.2757712

Patrick Tobias Fischer, Anke von der Heide, Eva Hornecker, Sabine Zierold, Andreas Kästner, Felix Dondera, Matti Wiegmann, Fernando Millan, Jonas Lideikis, Aidas Cergelis, Reinaldo Verde, Christoph Drews, Till Fastnacht, Kai Gerrit Lünsdorf, Djamel Merat, Aryan Khosravani and Hesam Jannesar (2015). Castle-Sized Interfaces: An Interactive Façade Mapping. Full paper (6+ pages). Proc. of Pervasive Displays 2015 (PerDis'15), ACM 2015, pp. version doi>10.1145/2757710.2757715

Patrick Tobias Fischer, Franziska Gerlach, Jenny Gonzales Acuna, Daniel Pollack, Ingo Schäfer, Josephine Trautmann and Eva Hornecker (2014). Movable, Kick-/Flickable Light Fragments Eliciting Ad-hoc Interaction in Public Space. Proc. of PerDis, The third International Symposium on Pervasive Displays 2014, ACM NY, Pages 50 , 6 pages. Link official version, author version.

Eva Hornecker, Michaela Honauer and Luigina Ciolfi (2014). Exploring Historical Cemeteries as a Site for Technological Augmentation. short paper. Proc. of iHCI'2014, Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference 2014.

Fiona Mcdermott, Gabriela Avram, Loraine Clarke, Eva Hornecker (2013). The Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Cultural Heritage Professionals in Designing Interactive Exhibits. Proc. of NODEM 2013 conference, Stockholm (Nordic Digital Excellence in Museums Conference). pp 19-26 on academia

Trevor Hogan, Eva Hornecker. (2013) Blending the repertory grid technique with focus groups to reveal rich design relevant insight. Proc. of DPPI'13, Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces, ACM 2013, 116-125. pdf author version

Patrick Tobias Fischer, Eva Hornecker, Christian Zoellner (2013). SMSlingshot: An Expert Amateur DIY Case Study. Proc. of TEI'13. ACM, 9-16 pdf

Trevor Hogan, Eva Hornecker (2013). In Touch with Space: Embodying Live Data For Tangible Interaction. Proc. of TEI'13, ACM, 275-278 pdf

Trevor Hogan, Eva Hornecker (2012). How Does Representation Modality Affect User-Experience of Data Artifacts? Proc. of HAID'12. The Seventh International Workshop on Haptic and Audio Interaction Design. Springer LNCS Berlin/Heidelberg. pp. 141-151   pdf author version

Eva Hornecker, Emma Nicol (2012).What Do Lab-based User Studies Tell Us About In-the-Wild Behavior? Insights from a Study of Museum Interactives. Proc. of Designing Interactive Systems (DIS'12), ACM 2012, pp 358-367 pdf 

Emma Nicol, Eva Hornecker (2012).Using children’s drawings to elicit feedback on interactive museum prototypes. Proc. of ACM IDC 2012, pp. 276-279  (poster paper) pdf

Patrick Tobias Fischer, Eva Hornecker (2012). Urban HCI: Spatial Aspects in the Design of Shared Encounters for Media Façades. Proc. of ACM CHI'2012, pp. 307-316 pdf      

Eva Hornecker (2012). Beyond Affordance: Tangibles' Hybrid Nature. Proc of TEI 2012, ACM, pp. 17-182 pdf preprintBEST PAPER AWARD.

Eva Hornecker, Emma Nicol (2011). Towards the Wild: Evaluating Museum Installations in Semi-Realistic Situations. Proc. of Re-thinking Technology in Museums 2011 Conference. University of Limerick, Ireland. pp. 49-60. pdf preprint 

Carrie McCrindle, Eva Hornecker, Andreas Lingnau, Jochen Rick (2011). The Design of t-vote: A Tangible Tabletop Application Supporting Children's Decision Making. Proc. of IDC 2011 (4 pages), ACM Press preprint

Patrick Tobias Fischer, Christian Zöllner, Eva Hornecker (2010). VR/Urban: Spread.gun – Design Process and Challenges in Developing a Shared Encounter for Media Façade. Proc. of BritishHCI 2010, Dundee. BCS eWiC series. To appear in the ACM-DL pdf 

Frøy Birte Bjørneseth, Mark D. Dunlop, Eva Hornecker (2010). Assessing the Effectiveness of Multi-Touch Interfaces for DP Operation. Full paper at HPAS 2010 (Human Performance at Sea) conference 16-18 June, Glasgow. pdf download  (received a notable mention in the best student paper awards)

Eva Hornecker (2010). Interactions Around a Contextually Embedded System. Proc. of TEI 2010. ACM 169-176 (part two of the Berlin Museum of Natural History Ethno-Field study)  pdf

Eva Hornecker (2010).Creative Idea Exploration within the Structure of a Guiding Framework: The Card Brainstorming Game. Proc. of TEI 2010. ACM 101-108 (Derivation of the Tangible Interaction Framework in form of a card 'game')  low-resolution version, high resolution version (18MB)

Dagmar Kern, Paul Marshall, Eva Hornecker, Albrecht Schmidt, Yvonne Rogers (2009): Enhancing Navigation Information with Tactile Output Embedded into the Steering WheelProc. of Pervasive 2009. Springer, 42-58pdf 

Paul Marshall, Rowanne Fleck, Amanda Harris, Jochen Rick, Eva Hornecker, Nicola Yuill, Yvonne Rogers, Nick Sheep Dalton (2009): Fighting for control: Embodied negotiation of access to digital and physical representation. (note) Proc. of CHI 2009. ACM 2149-2152pdf

Eva Hornecker, Paul Marshall, Nick Sheep Dalton, Yvonne Rogers (2008): Collaboration and Interference: Awareness with Mice or Touch Input. Proc. of ACM CSCW Conference 2008. 167-176 pdf
Paul Marshall, Eva Hornecker, Richard Morris, Nick Sheep Dalton, Yvonne Rogers (2008). When the fingers do the talking: A Study of Group Participation With Varying Constraints to a Tabletop Interface Proc. of IEEE Tabletop 2008. 37-44 pdf

Eva Hornecker(2008): "I don't understand it either, but it is cool" Visitor Interactions with a Multi-Touch Table in a Museum. Proc. of IEEE Tabletop 2008. 121-128 pdf
Julia Werner, Reto Wettach, Eva Hornecker (2008): United-pulse: Feeling your partner’s pulse. Proc. of MobileHCI 2008. ACM DL. 535-538 pdf

Elisabeth Eichhorn, Reto Wettach, Eva Hornecker (2008): A stroking device for spatially separated couples. Proc. of MobileHCI 2008. ACM. 303-306 pdf

Eva Hornecker, Paul Marshall, Yvonne Rogers (2007): Entry and Access – How Shareability Comes About. Proc. of DPPI’07 (Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces). Helsinki. ACM. 328-342 pdf

Eva Hornecker (2007): Learning about Interactivity from Physical Toys. Accepted Full Paper for NORDES 2007 (Nordic Design Research Conference), Stockholm (online proceedings pdf

Andreas Dünser, Eva Hornecker (2007): An observational study of children interacting with an augmented story book.  Proc. Of Edutainment 2007. Springer.305-315 pdf

Andreas Dünser, Eva Hornecker (2007): Lessons from an AR Book study. Proceedings of TEI'07 (Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2007). ACM. 179-182 pdf

Eva Hornecker, John Halloran, Geraldine Fitzpatrick (2007): Taking Literacy Beyond The Classroom. (workshop "Mixed Realities und Be-greifbare Interfaces für Bildungsprozesse"). Proc. of Informatik 2007 – 37. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik, Band 1. GI-Edition LNI, Bonn. 550-554. pdf

Eva Hornecker, Andreas Dünser (2007):  Supporting Early Literacy with Augmented Books – Experiences with an Exploratory Study. (workshop "Mixed Realities und Be-greifbare Interfaces für Bildungsprozesse"). Proc. of Informatik 2007 – 37. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik, Band 1. GI-Edition LNI, Bonn. 555-559. pdf

Halloran, J. and Hornecker, E. (2007) The Chawton House Project: Co-designing situated UbiComp. In Proceedings of the 15th International Workshops on Conceptual Structures (ICCS 2007), Springer, pp. 177-184.

Mark J. Weal, Eva Hornecker, Don G. Cruickshank, Danius T. Michaelides, David E. Millard, John Halloran, David C. De Roure, Geraldine Fitzpatrick (2006): Requirements for In-Situ Authoring of Location Based Experiences. Proceedings of  MobileHCI 2006. ACM, 121-128 pdf

Eva Hornecker, Matthias Stifter (2006): Learning from Interactive Museum Installations About Interaction Design for Public Settings. Proceedings of OzCHI 2006. Sydney. ACM, 135-142 pdf preprint

Eva Hornecker, Matthias Stifter (2006). Digital Backpacking in the Museum with a SmartCard. Proc. of CHINZ (7th Annual Conference of the NZ ACM Special Interest Group), Christchurch NZ, 6-7 July 2006. ACM Press. 99-107   pdf

Eva Hornecker, Jacob Buur (2006): Getting a Grip on Tangible Interaction: A Framework on Physical Space and Social Interaction. Proc. of CHI 2006. Montreal, Canada (full paper). ACM. 437-446  pdf

Eva Hornecker, John Halloran, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Mark Weal, David Millard, Danius Michaelides, Don Cruikshank and David De Roure (2006): UbiComp in Opportunity Spaces: Challenges for Participatory Design. Proc. of PDC 2006 (Participatory Design Conference), Trento, Italy. ACM Press (2006). 47-56 pdf

John Halloran, Eva Hornecker, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Mark Weal, David Millard, Danius Michaelides, Don Cruikshank and David De Roure (2006): Unfolding Understandings: Co-designing UbiComp In Situ, Over Time. Proc. of DIS 2006 (Designing Interactive Systems), Penn State, US. ACM Press (2006). 109-118 pdf

John Halloran, Eva Hornecker, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Mark Weal, David Millard, Danius Michaelides, Don Cruikshank and David De Roure (2006): The Literacy Fieldtrip: Using Ubicomp to Support Children’s Creative Writing. Proc. of IDC (Interaction Design and Children) 2006, Tampere Finland. ACM Press (2006). 17-24 pdf

Mark J. Weal,  Don G. Cruickshank, Danius T. Michaelides, David E. Millard, David C. De Roure, John Halloran, Eva Hornecker and Geraldine Fitzpatrick (2006) A persistent infrastructure for augmented field trips. Full paper for ED-Media 2006. CD Proceedings by AACE

Mark J. Weal, Don Cruikshank, Danius T. Michaelides, David E. Millard, David C. De Roure, Eva Hornecker, John Halloran and Geraldine Fitzpatrick (2006): A Reusable, Extensible Infrastructure for Augmented Field Trips. In: Proc. Of PerCom 2006 workshops, 2nd International Workshop on PervasivE Learning (PerEL 2006), IEEE Press. 201-205.  pdf

Peter Bittner, Eva Hornecker (2005): A Micro-Ethical View On Computing Practice. In Proceedings of Critical Computing 2005, the The Fourth Decennial Aarhus Conference "Critical Computing - Between Sense and Sensibility". ACM 2005. 69-78  preprint pdf

Eva Hornecker (2005): A Design Theme for Tangible Interaction: Embodied Facilitation. In Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (E-CSCW'05)  © Kluwer/Springer. 23-43   pdf preprint

Eva Hornecker, Thomas Psik (2005): Using ARToolKit Markers to Build Tangible Prototypes and Simulate Other Technologies. In Proc. of Interact 2005. © Springer. 30-42     (pdf

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Eva Hornecker, Hal Eden, Eric Scharff(2002): “In MY situation I would dislike THAAAT!” Role Play as Assessment Method for Tools Supporting Participatory Planning. In: Proceedings of PDC 2002, Malmö, Sveden. CPSR. 243-247. Preprint pdf

Hal Eden, Eva Hornecker, Eric Scharff(2002): Multilevel Design and Role Play: Experiences in Assessing Support for Neighborhood Participation in Design.  In: Proceedings of  DIS´02 (Designing Interactive Systems). London. ACM. 387-392 (original author order, ordered differently by ACM because of reformatting)   (exhibit paper, 6 pages) Preprint

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(auch erschienen als artec paper 65, November 1999 /did also appear as technical report at artec)

Eva Hornecker, Bernd Robben (1999): Vocational Training with combined real/virtual environments. In: H.-J. Bullinger & J. Ziegler (Eds.): Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCI '99, München.. Mahwah: Lawrence Erlbaum, Vol. 2. 730 - 734 HCI99 (pdf)

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(about CS01 education, teaching programming with project work)

Bernd Robben, Eva Hornecker (1998):Gegenständliche Modelle mit dem Datenhandschuh begreifen – Eine Lernumgebung für den Technikunterricht. In: Volker Claus (Hrsg). Informatik und Ausbildung, GI-Fachtagung ’98, 30.3. - 1.4.1998,Stuttgart. Springer, Informatik Aktuell 1998 Info&Ausb98(pdf)

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conference posters

Georg Erfurt, Eva Hornecker, Jan Ehlers, Silke Plaschkies (2019). Hands-On Math: A Training System for Children with Dyscalculia. ACM CHI'19 extended abstracts, late breaking work Paper No. LBW1110 ACM DL.

Hauke Sandhaus, Eva Hornecker (2018). A WOZ Study of Feedforward Information on an Ambient Display in Autonomous Cars. ACM UIST 2018 Adjunct Proc, p. 90-92, ACM DL.

Vanessa von Jan, Sven Bertel, Eva Hornecker (2018). Information Push and Pull in Tactile Pedestrian Navigation Support. MobileHCI '18 Adjunct Proceedings. pp. 55-62, ACM DL

Susanne Karsten, Daniel Jörg, Eva Hornecker (2017). Learner versus System Control in Augmented Lab Experiments. Proc. of ISS 2017 Interactive Surfaces and Spaces. 354-359. ACM. ACM DL

Ekaterina Fuchkina, Patrick Tobias Fischer, Chinh Nguyen Tien, Anke von der Heide, Eva Hornecker (2016). In-Situ versus Simulation-Based Experience Evaluation of Media Augmented Urban Environments. Adjunct Proc. of UbiComp'16, the ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, p. 65-68. author pdf and ACM DL

Till Fastnacht, Abraham Ornelas Aispuro, Johannes Marschall, Patrick Tobias Fischer, Sabine Zierold, Eva Hornecker (2016). Sonnengarten - Urban Light Installation with Human-Plant Interaction. Adjunct Proc. of UbiComp'16, the ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, p. 53-56. author pdf and ACM DL

Eva Hornecker, Luigina Ciolfi, Michaela Honauer (2014). Technology Augmentation of Historic Cemeteries – A Cross-Site Comparison. TEI'14 Work in Progress. pdf

Patrick Tobias Fischer, Eva Hornecker, Adeeb Umar, Mike Anusas (2013). Urban HCI: PlazaPuck - An unowned, moveable, public interface. Short paper accepted for Mensch&Computer 2013 (German HCI conference, September, Bremen)

Andreas Lingnau, Eva Hornecker, Kenneth Coyle. (2013) Tangible Twitter Search: A Multiuser Multitouch Tabletop Interface. Short paper accepted for Mensch&Computer 2013 (German HCI conference, September, Bremen)

Loraine Clarke, Eva Hornecker(2013) . Experience, Engagement and Social Interaction at a Steam Locomotive Multimodal Interactive Museum Exhibit. ACM CHI'13 Extended Abstracts Work in Progress pdf.

Loraine Clarke, Eva Hornecker (2013) . Studying Multimodal Interaction at an Interactive Museum Exhibit on SteamPower Locomotive. Work in Progress at TEI'13. pdf

F.B. Bjorneseth, S.K. Renganayagalu, S. Komandur, M.D. Dunlop, and E. Hornecker (2012). Towards an Experimental Design Framework for Evaluation of Dynamic Workload and Situational Awareness in Safety Critical Maritime Settings. Proc. of British HCI. 2012 WiP pdf

Trevor Hogan, Eva Hornecker  (2011). Human Data Relations and the Lifeworld. Poster at ihci 2011 (Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference), September 2011, Cork, Ireland. pdf

Eva Hornecker, Stuart Swindells, Mark Dunlop (2011). A Mobile Guide for Serendipitous Exploration of Cities. (Poster). Proceedings of ACM MobileHCI 2011, ACM Press, 557-562 pdf DOI=10.1145/2037373.2037460 

Hilary Smith, Rose Luckin, Danaë Stanton Fraser, Lisa Williams, Andreas Duenser, Eva Hornecker,  Adrian Woolard, Brendan Lancaster (2007): Sun seeking: Interactive story-reading through different media. Accepted Poster for AIED 2007

Eva Hornecker, Otmar Moritsch, Matthias Stifter(2004) Mit einem digitalen Rucksack in den medien.welten. Poster with 2 page paper at Mensch & Computer 2004, Paderborn. München: Oldenbourg Verlag. 309-310  (pdf)

Ottmar Moritsch, Eva Hornecker, Matthias Stifter (2004): Assessing Visitor Behavior and Attitudes in the medien.welten Exhibition.  Poster  CHI 2004. Vienna. ACM. 1536  Preprint (pdf) and poster (pdf)

Kai Schmudlach, Eva Hornecker, Hauke Ernst, F. Wilhelm Bruns (2000): Bridging Reality and Virtuality in Vocational Training. In: CHI 2000 Extended Abstracts (Interactive Poster).  ACM 2000. 137-138.  CHI2000 (pdf)

other conference  papers

Leonardo Angelini, Zuzanna Lechelt, Eva Hornecker, Paul Marshall, Can Liu, Margot Brereton, Alessandro Soro, Nadine Couture, Omar Abou Khaled, Elena Mugellini. Internet of Tangible Things: Workshop on Tangible Interaction with the Internet of Things. Workshop at CHI 2018, ACM.

Susanne Karsten, Daniel Jörg, Eva Hornecker. Mixed Reality Demonstratoren für den Experimentalunterricht. Contribution to Workshop Be-greifbare Interaktion at Conference Mensch&Computer 2017.

Trevor Hogan, Uta Hinrichs, Yvonne Jansen, Samuel Huron, Pauline Gourlet, Eva Hornecker, Bettina Nissen. Pedagogy & Physicalization: Designing Learning Activities around Physical Data Representations. Workshop at ACM DIS 2017. Companion Proc. of ACM DIS'17.345-347. ACM DL. Workshop website.

Trevor Hogan, Eva Hornecker, Simon Stusak, Yvonne Jansen, Jason Alexander, Andrew Vande Moere, Uta Hinrichs and Kieran Nolan (2016). Tangible Data, Explorations in Data Physicalization. Workshop-Studio at TEI'2016, ACM NY ACM DL

Jürgen Kirstein, Eva Hornecker, Holger Grossmann, Volkhard Nordmeier (2015). Seamless Smart Labs. DPG Frühjahrstagung Didaktik der Physik

Luigina Ciolfi, Areti Damala, Eva Hornecker, Monika Lechner, Laura Maye, Daniela Petrelli (2015). Cultural heritage communities: technologies and challenges. Proc. of Int. Conference on Communities and Technologies 2015. ACM. 149-152 (workshop)

Areti Damala, Merel van Der Vaart, Eva Hornecker (2015). The Loupe: An Educational AR application for Learning to Look at Ancient Greek Art. International Workshop on Virtual Archeology: Museums & Cultural Tourism, Sept. 2015, Delphi, Greece. 3 pages. Book of Abstracts:

Alexander Wiethoff, Marius Hoggenmueller, Eva Hornecker (2014). Orkhēstra – On the design of interactive media architecture for public environments. Proc. of NordiCHI'14. ACM NY 2014, pp. 1077-1080. Link official version, author version.

Elisa Giaccardi, Luigina Ciolfi, Eva Hornecker, Chris Speed, Shaowen Bardzell, Pieter Jan Stappers, Paul Hekkert, Marco Rozendaal (2013). Explorations in social interaction design. CHI'13 workshop. CHI'13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 3259-3262 link ACM DL

Patrick Tobias Fischer, Eva Hornecker (2011). Urban HCI – Interaction Patterns in the Built Environment. Doctoral Consortium contribution at BritishHCI 2011, Newcastle preprint pdf

Peter Bittner, Eva Hornecker (2001):  On Responsibility, Profession and the Need for a New Culture of Informatics. Proceedings of  IRIS'24 (The 24th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia). Ulvik in Hardanger, Norway, 11-14 August 2001
Dept. of Information Science, University of Bergen. Vol. I. 141-153. pdf

Eva Hornecker (2001): Graspable Interfaces as Tool for Cooperative Modelling. Proceedings of IRIS'24 (The 24th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia). Ulvik in Hardanger, Norway, 11-14 August 2001
Dept. of Information Science, University of Bergen. Vol. III. 215-228 pdf

Eva Hornecker (1996): Bildung trotz der -- oder für die -- Informationsgesellschaft. In: Tagungsband ‘Informationsgesellschaft -- Medien -- Demokratie’, BdWi-Verlag, Forum Wissenschaft Studien 36, August 1996 (Kurzversion / short version of talk) (416-422)

other conference posters

Eva Hornecker (2001):Paper Prototyping As A Graspable Medium: An Analysis. Poster at E-CSCW 2001. September 2001. Bonn, Germany. E-CSCW'01 Poster Description (pdf)
        (published in Conference Supplements)

Bernd Robben, Eva Hornecker (1998): Erfahrung orientiert Lernen – Pneumatik unterrichten mit "Real Reality". Poster auf dem 44. Arbeitswissenschaftlichen Kongreß "KOMMUNIKATION UND KOOPERATION" 18. bis 20. März 1998, Bremen    (poster at work psychology congress)

workshop position papers

Eva Hornecker, Paul Marshall, Jörn Hurtienne. Locating Theories of Embodiment Along Three Axes: 1st - 3d person, body-context, practice-cognition. Workshop position paper for CHI 2017 workshop on Soma-Based Design Theory.

Eva Hornecker (2014). Supporting Indexing Practices Through Spatio-Contextually Embedded Interactions/Systems. Position Paper for NordiCHI'14 Workshop 'Ubicomp beyond Devices: Objects, People, Space and Meaning'. Helsinki, October 27th 2014. author version.

Patrick Tobias Fischer, EvaMichaela Honauer, Eva Hornecker (2014). Exploring Interactive Costumes. Paper at the Workshop “Be-greifbare Interaktion” at Mensch & Computer 2014 in Munich. Link official version, author version.

Patrick Tobias Fischer, Eva Hornecker (2012). Towards Urban HCI. Position Paper for CHI 2012 workshop Ar-chi-tecture

Loraine Clarke, Eva Hornecker (2012). Designing and Studying a Multimodal Painting Installation in a Cultural Centre for Children. Physicality 2012, 4th International Workshop on Physicality, 11 September 2012, University of Birmingham, UK. pdf

Eva Hornecker, Tanja Krakowski, Reto Wettach (2008): All Around the Table. Position paper for CSCW 2008 workshop ‚Designing for Families’

Eva Hornecker, Paul Marshall (2008): Embodied Facilitation in Action – A wrestle for control, influenced by the physical logics of the world and the body. workshop position paper for 'Whole Body Interaction 2' workshop at British HCI 2008.

Eva Hornecker (2007): Physical Affordances considered Harmful!? Position Paper for 2nd International Workshop on Physicality 2007 pdf

Eva Hornecker (2007): Sketches, Drawings, Diagrams, Physical Models, Prototypes, and Gesture as Representational Forms. Position Paper for 2nd International Workshop on Physicality 2007 pdf

Paul Marshall, Yvonne Rogers and Eva Hornecker (2007): Are Tangible Interfaces Really Any Better Than Other Kinds of Interfaces? Position paper for CHI 2007 workshop 'Tangible User Interfaces  in Context and Theory’ pdf

Eva Hornecker (2006): An Encompassing View on Tangible Interaction: A Framework. Position Paper for CHI 2006 Workshop: What is the Next Generation of Human-Computer Interaction? (organizer: Robert Jacob) pdf 

Eva Hornecker (2006):Physicality in Tangible Interaction: Bodies and the world. Position Paper for the First International Workshop on Physicality, Lancaster Universtiy, 6-7 Feb. 2006, UK (organizers: Masitah Ghazali, Devina Ramduny-Ellis, Eva Hornecker, Alan Dix) pdf

Mark Stringer, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, John Halloran, Eva Hornecker (2005): Moving Beyond the Application: Design Challenges For Ubiquitous Computing. Position paper for Aarhus2005 workshop 'Ambient Computing in a Critical, Quality of Life Perspective' Aarhus, Denmark in August 2005  pdf

Mark Stringer, John Halloran, Eva Hornecker, Geraldine Fitzpatrick (2005): Situating Ubiquitous Computing in Everyday Life: Some Useful Strategies. Position Paper for Workshop ‚Situating Ubiquitous Computing in Everyday Life’ at UbiComp 2005, Tokio

Cliff Randell, Eva Hornecker, Eric Harris and Geraldine Fitzpatrick (2005): Device Design for Learning Using Place, Intuitive Behaviour and Collaboration. Position Paper for UbiPhysics workshop at Ubicomp 2005, Tokyo. pdf

Eva Hornecker. Space and Place – Setting the Stage for Social Interaction (2005): Position paper for ECSCW05 workshop 'Settings for Collaboration: the role of place'.

Eva Hornecker. Tangible Interaction Design, Space, and Place (2005): Position paper for 'Space, Place and Experience in HCI' Workshop at Interact 2005 pdf

Eva Hornecker (2004): Role Playing a Design Game on Participatory Urban Planning for System Evaluation. Position Paper for PDC 2004 Workshop „Hands-on experiences with Design Games in Collaborative Design“ Organizers: Eva Brandt, Jörn Messeter & Jacob Buur (pdf)

Eva Hornecker (2004): Analogies from Didactics and Moderation/Facilitation Methods: Designing Spaces for Interaction and Experience. Position paper for Workshop #6 „Cross-Dressing and Border Crossing: Exploring Experience Methods across Disciplines“ at CHI 2004, Vienna   - revised workshop positions papers will be published in the Journal "Digital Creativity"

Eva Hornecker (2004): Requirements for TUI-Toolkit support for student project work and from an interaction design viewpoint. Position paper for Pervasive 2004 Workshop "Toolkit Support for Interaction in the Physical World"

Eva Hornecker (2002): Professionalisierung - Problemlösung oder vorzeitiger Abbruch der Diskussion ? Positionspapier zur Arbeitstagung "Wozu Informatik? Theorie zwischen Ideologie, Utopie und Phantasie.  Bad Hersfeld, 21.-23.03.2002. 3 page position paper. published in technical report 2002-25, Technische Universität Berlin, Fakultät IV - Elektrotechnik und Informatik.  Frieder Nake, Arno Rolf, Dirk Siefkes (eds.)(pp. 17-19) pdf

Eva Hornecker (2001):  Process and Structure -- Thinking in dialectics instead of dichotomies. Position paper for the E-CSCW Workshop on "Structure and Process: the interplay of routine and informed action" 16.9.2001, Bonn.  (on the question 'What can we learn from Theme-Centered Interaction for CSCW and computer supported group processes') pdf

Eva Hornecker (2001):  Eine praxiswirksame Theorie? Positionspapier zur “Arbeitstagung mit ungewissem Ausgang: informatik: aufregung zu einer disziplin”  April 2001 in Heppenheim, Bergstraße. Frieder Nake, Arno Rolf, Dirk Siefkes (eds.)  extended position paper published in technical report No. 235 of the University of Hamburg, pp 51-53  pdf

Eva Hornecker (1997): Wo das Tangible das Virtuelle berührt – Augmented Reality, Construction Kits und Real Reality. In: Willi Bruns, Eva Hornecker, Bernd Robben, Ingrid Rügge. Vom Bildschirm zum Handrad -- Computer(be)nutzung nach der Desktop-Metapher - artec-paper 54.

technical reports

Eva Hornecker, Phil Bartie (2006): Technology in Tourism: Handheld Guide Systems and Museum Technologies. HITLabNZ Technical Report TR-2006-1. Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand. pdf 

Masitah Ghazali, Devina, Ramduny-Ellis, Eva Hornecker, Alan Dix. Proceedings of Physicality 2006, First International Workshop on Physicality, Lancaster University Feb. 2006.  technical report at Lancaster University (ISBN 1862201781)

Eva Hornecker, John Halloran, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Eric Harris, Dave Millard, Mark Weal (2005): Co-designing novel user experiences at a historic manor house. Cognitive Science Research Paper No. 579, University of Sussex, UK  weblink

Eva Hornecker, Lone Malmborg, Hal Eden (2002): Designing Tangible User Interfaces to Support Participation - Report of a PDC 2002 Workshop, 17 pages. artec-paper Nr. 97, Oktober 2002. (pdf)

Eva Hornecker, Bernd Robben (1998): Lernen und Begreifen – Pneumatikunterricht in einer Real Reality-Umgebung. artec paper Nr. 62, University of Bremen, Germany. September 1998

Willi Bruns, Eva Hornecker, Bernd Robben, Ingrid Rügge (1997): Vom Bildschirm zum Handrad -- Computer(be)nutzung nach der Desktop-Metapher - artec-paper 54. University of Bremen, Germany. Oktober 1997 (Workshop-Dokumentation, 6.-7. Oktober 1997)

Volker Brauer, Willi Bruns, Eva Hornecker, Bernd Robben, Hartmut Rosch, Ingrid Rügge, Kai Schäfer (1997): Vom Bildschirm zum Handrad -- Computer(be)nutzung nach der Desktop-Metapher - artec-paper 54. University of Bremen. Oktober 1997 (Materialien zum Workshop, 6.-7. Oktober 1997) WorkshopReader

Eva Hornecker(1995):"Grundzüge der Informatik I" Didaktische Analyse des Übungsbetriebs -- Anregungen zur Neukonzeption. Diplomarbeit, veröffentlicht als HDA-Arbeitsbericht Nr. 14, TH Darmstadt, 1995;
gewann den TAT-Förderpreis für interdisziplinäre Diplomarbeiten in Darmstadt 1996
/ diploma thesis with didactical analysis of first semester computer science and suggestions for change, published as report Nr. 14 of the HDA (higher educational work group), Technical University of Darmstadt 1995;
won the TAT price for interdisciplinary student thesis in Darmstadt 1996
     Available again !!!!!! (pdf 1.675 KB)

    I reconstructed the thesis from the LaTeX-code that I found again. Page breaks have changed
    a bit and some images are missing - the rest is original

M. Gloger, G. Große, E. Hornecker, and B. Kühnapfel. (1993): Einsatz Logischer und Funktionaler Sprachen – Ein Sprachvergleich. Forschungsbericht im Projekt MuSE (Nr. muse-93-3). Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, August 1993.

Eva Hornecker(1993):"Vortragstraining", ein Seminar der HDA-Tutorengruppe und subjektorientierte Erwachsenenbildung -- widersprüchlich oder vereinbar? HDA-Arbeitsbericht Nr. 13, TH Darmstadt, 1993

Organization of workshops and conferences

...... etc etc etc


SICSA workshop on Multimodal Interaction and Museum Installation Design. 30.May. 2012, University of Strathclyde

SICSA summerschool on Multimodal Systems for Digital Tourism. Aaron Quigley (University of St Andrews), Jon Oberlander (University of Edinburgh), Eva Hornecker (University of Strathclyde). 27 June - 1 July 2011

Eva Hornecker, Lynne Baillie, Steve Brewster. SICSA Whole-Body Interaction Workshop. 5-6.11.2009, University of Strathclyde. Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance. 

David England, Eva Hornecker, Chris Roast, Pablo Romero, Paul Fergus, Paul Marshall. Whole Body Interaction. (CHI Workshop) CHI'09 extended abstracts. ACM pp. 4815-4818

Amanda Harris and Nicola Yuill (University of Sussex), Paul Marshall, Eva Hornecker and Yvonne Rogers (Open University).Shareable Interfaces for Learning Workshop 2008

Heidi Schellhowe, Eva Hornecker, Bernd Robben, Milena Reichel. Theorie- und Praxiswerkstatt Be-greifbare Interaktion. workshop at Mensch&Computer 2008 (German HCI).

co-organizer of Shareable Interfaces Workshop 2007', 19-20 June, Open University (with Paul Marshall and Yvonne Rogers), funded by Equator EPSRC

Program Co-Chair of TEI 2007 - the first Tangible and Embedded Interaction Conference. February 2007 at Louisiana State University

Co-organizer of workshop ‚Physicality’ (with Alan Dix, Masitah Ghazali and Devina Ramduny-Ellis, University of Lancaster), 6+7.February 2006, Lancaster

Workshop Chair and PC member for Participatory Design Conference - PDC 2006

Program Comittee member for FIfF-Jahrestagung 2005: Versteckte Computer - Unkontrollierbare Vernetzung. FH München. 5./6.11.2005

Hal Eden (L3D, Boulder, Colorado), Eva Hornecker, Lone Malmborg (University of Malmö, Sweden). Designing Tangible User Interfaces to Support Participation. Workshop at PDC 2002, Malmö, Sveden. Mo. 24.6.2002. In: Proceedings of PDC 2002. CPSR. pp. 439-441

FIfF-Jahrestagung 2001 (yearly conference of FIfF) organization committee,
Bremen 28-30 September 2001

Workshop AG 2: Informatiker als Macher!?   Oder: Die Suche nach einer verantwortbaren Informatikkultur
(Peter Bittner & Eva Hornecker) at FIfF-Jahrestagung 2001
(workshop on social responsibility of informatics practicioners)

Annette Henninger,  Eva Hornecker, Bettina Törpel. Informatisierung der Arbeit: Praxis - Theorie - Empirie. Workshop auf der GI-Tagung "Mensch & Computer 2001". Do, 08. März .2001
Stuttgart: Teubner, S. 427-428 / Workshop about informatisation of work at German HCI conference

Volker Brauer, Willi Bruns, Eva Hornecker, Bernd Robben, Hartmut Rosch, Ingrid Rügge, Kai Schäfer:
Vom Bildschirm zum Handrad -- Computer(be)nutzung nach der Desktop-Metapher .
Workshop, Universität Bremen.  6.-7. Oktober 1997 / Workshop about HCI beyond the desktop metaphor

Other magazine articles

Susanne Aigner, Johann Knoll, Anton Mauer, Werner Rieschl, Eva Hornecker (2005): Verantwortung in der IT-Beratung - „Wenn man das gut macht, dann glaubt der Kunde, er sei selbst draufgekommen...“ FIfF-Kommunikation 1/2005. pp.12-18 (pdf)

Eva Hornecker, Peter Bittner (2005): Jenseits von Whistleblowing. FIfF-Kommunikation 1/2005. pp.8-11 (pdf)

Peter Bittner, Rafael Capurro, Wolfgang Coy, Eva Hornecker, Constanze Kurz, Karl-Heinz Rödiger, Britta Schinzel, Ute Twisselmann, Roland Vollmar, Karsten Weber, Alfred Winter, Cornelia Winter (2003): Ethische Leitlinien der GI. Entwurf des Arbeitskreises "Verantwortung". In: Informatik Spektrum Bd 26, Heft 6. pp.418-422.  Dezember 2003 (Zur Diskussion gestellt) 

Eva Hornecker(2002): Partizipieren in Malmö. Tagungsbericht von der Participatory Design Conference 2002 in Malmö, Schweden. FIfF-Kommunikation 3/2002, pp. 51-53 (conference report)  pdf

Annette Henninger, Eva Hornecker, Bettina Törpel (2002): Informatisierung der Arbeit auf der Konferenz Mensch & Computer 2001. In: i-com, Zeitschrift für interaktive und kooperative Medien 1(2002). pp. 60-62. (Tagungsbericht). Organ des Fachbereichs Mensch-Computer-Interaktion der Gesellschaft für Informatik / report on our workshop in the HCI journal of German Association for Computing

Annette Henninger, Eva Hornecker, Bettina Törpel (2001):Tagungsbericht zur ”1. Fachübergreifen-den Konferenz Mensch & Computer”. In: kommunikation@gesellschaft, Jg. 2, 2001,    (online-journal)

Eva Hornecker, Peter Bittner (2000): Kritisch studieren ... und dann? Editorial der FIfF-Kommunikation 1/2000. (S. 3, S. 8) (journal editorial and editorship)

Eva Hornecker, Peter Bittner (2000): Vom kritischen Verhältnis zur Berufspraxis in der Informatik - Ergebnisse einer Befragung. FIfF-Kommunikation 1/2000, (S. 33-39)  Auswertung_Umfrage 

Eva Hornecker (1999): Rubrik 910 – Virtuelle Gemeinschaft prä-Internet. In: FIfF--Kommunikation 2/99, S. 27-30 Eva Hornecker(1997): Die Wiederentdeckung des Subjekts in der Arbeit – Gestaltung von Arbeit für Subjekte. In: FIfF--Kommunikation 4/97 S. 28 -30 FIfF-KO97 (Pdf)

Eva Hornecker (1996):Bildung trotz der -- oder für die -- Informationsgesellschaft. in FIfF-Kommunikation 2/96 (ausführliche Fassung /long version) (S. 28-30)

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