Teaching and Supervision

Since autumn 2008  

Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (2013-)

- HCI course for 1st year BSc Informatik, open as 'scientific module' for students of Media Arts & Design (and taken by HCI student who are missing a basic HCI introduction)
- 'Modelling of Information Systems' for 1st year BSc Informatik
- 2 Master level courses in 'Advanced HCI' (one on UbiComp, one on HCI research methods and theory)
- various student group projects, seminars, thesis supervision
for details see our BUW website

PhD Supervision

- 2nd Supervisor for Frøy Birte Bjorneseth (PhD). 'Assessing the Effectiveness of Using Direct Gesture Interaction in a Safety-Critical Maritime Application'. (University of Strathclyde, viva in winter 2010, graduated 2011) (Associate Professor at Norwegian University of Science and technology (NTNU), Ålesund, and principal engineer in human factors and control centres for Kongsberg Maritime)

- Supervisor for Patrick Tobias Fischer (PhD). "Urban HCI: Understanding and Conceptualizing Urban Situations Through Media Interventions" (University of Strathclyde, started Sept. 2009, RA/TA at BUW since 2013, viva in 2015, corrections completed and PhD'ed in 2016): external examiner: Prof. Peter Dalsgaard, Aarhus University (Junior Professorship of User Experience and Design, University of Bamberg)

- Supervisor for Dr. rer nat Trevor Hogan "Data and Dasein, A Phenomenology of Human-Data Relations.“ (University of Strathclyde, started June 2011) (external part-time PhD student, transferred to BUW in 2013, submitted April 2016, defended Nov. 2016): external examiner: Prof. Dag Svanaes, University of Trondheim. (Lecturer at Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland, which is now Munster Technological University).

- Second Supervisor for Dr. Ing. Martin Kaltenbrunner. „An Abstraction Framework for Tangible Interactive Surfaces“. (exernal PhD student, first supervisor Prof. Florian Echtler). Cumulative Doctoral Dissertation at BUW viva in Nov. 2017 (external examiner: Prof. Johannes Schöning) (Professor at the Institute of Media Studies at University of Art and Design, Linz Austria)

- 3d (external) supervisor for Dr. Katta Spiel, TU Vienna.“Evaluating Experiences of Autistic Children with Technologies in Co-Design” (from late 2015, defended Dec. 2018). (FWF Hertha-Firnberg scholar, TU Vienna, Assistant Professor of Critical Access in Embodied Computing at TU Vienna since 2023)

- Supervisor for Loraine Clarke (PhD) 'No, You Press Yours First!': Sharing Interaction and Socially Interacting with Companions at Tangible Hybrid Interactive Museum Exhibits' (University of Strathclyde, started Oct 2011, viva May 2019, completed and PhD'ed in 2019), external examiner: Dr. Dirk vom Lehn, Kings College London (Lecturer in HCI, Univ of St. Andrews, Scotland)

- Supervisor (together with Danielle Wilde, SDU Denmark) for Michaela Honauer: 'Integrating Wearable Technologies in the Performing Arts: A Holistic Approach to Interactive Costuming.'" (PhD started summer 2013 Bauhaus-Universität Weimar/ completed at SDU Denmark in 2022), external examiners were Professors Joanna Berzowska from University of Concordia (Canada) and Sofia Pantouvaki from Aalto University (Finland)

- Supervisor for Kristian Gohlke (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Fac. of Arts & Design & Fac. of Media, started summer 2016): “Exploring Bio-Inspired Fluidic Soft Actuators and Sensors for the Design of Shape Changing Tangible User Interfaces”
- Supervisor for Hannes Waldschütz (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, 2018): Data Physicalisation
- Supervisor for Jordi Tost (Hochschule Potsdam, started 2020 in PhD program BUW Faculty of Arts&Design): “Inconvenient Design – Potentials of Inconvenience as Critical Approach towards a More Responsible and Reflective Design” (co-advisor Prof. Frank Heidmann, Hochschule Potsdam)
- supervisor for Rosa van Koningsbruggen (started 2020 in PhD program BUW Faculty of Arts&Design): „Physicalising the personal everyday: exploring dynamic data physicalisations that represent personal data in the everyday life“ (co-advisor )
- supervisor for Annika Schulz (Bosch Research, started 2021): „Tangible Interaction with Digital Information on Natural Surfaces” (external Dissertation, Cooperation with Bosch Research and Prof. Oliver Korn, Hochschule Offenburg)

Supervision and Thesis Committees, External Examination

External Examination

PhD theses committee for Jens Emil Sloth Grønbæk."Rethinking Proxemics: Designing Interactive Technologies for Co-located Collaboration."Aarhus University, Denmark 6.May 2020. Committee: Jesper Kjeldskov, Eva Hornecker, Anders Møller

PhD theses committee for Joan Ho Chu. "Embodied Engagement With Narrative: A Design Framework For Presenting Cultural Heritage Artifacts With Digital Media." Georgia Tech Univ. 27.April 2018. Committee: Ali Mazalek (advisor), Kenneth Knoespel, Janet Murray, Michael Nitsche, Eva Hornecker

Doctoral Theses committee for Vasiliki Tsaknaki. "Making Preciousness: Interaction Design Through Studio Crafts". KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, School of Computer Science and Communication, January 2018

External examiner for Joan Sol Roo. "One Reality. Augmenting the human experience through the combination of physical and digital worlds". Inria Sud-Ouest, Bordeaux, France. Dec 2017.

Dissertation Committee for Alexander Kulik. "User Interfaces for Cooperation". Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Faculty of Media, Medieninformatik. 11.Oktober 2016

Pre-examiner / Reviewer for Anna Luusua, PhD "Experiencing and Evaluating Digital Augmentation of Public Urban Places". University of Oulu, Oulu School of Architecture, Finland 2016 - link to theses

3d examiner for Yvonne Ludewig, Dr. Phil. "Untersuchung des Einflusses sozio-emotionaler Faktoren auf die soziale Akzeptanz und Nutzungsintention bei Lotsenrobotern", Faculty of Economics and Media, TU Ilmenau, Jan. 2016

External Examiner for Kathleen Learmonth Vaisutis, Master of Information Technology (by research) thesis on "Understanding the Roles of Social and Tangible Technologies in Maintaining Social Interaction, Habits and Independence into Old Age", Queensland University of Technology, Australia, 2015

3d (and external) examiner for Eckard Riedenklau, Dr.Ing. on "Development of Actuated Tangible User Interfaces: New Interaction Concepts and Evaluation Methods". Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University. 2015

External Examiner for Taciana Pontual da Rocha Falcao's PhD on "Discovery Learning with tangible technologies: the case of children with intellectual disabilities" at the Institute of Education, University of London, UK. 2014

External Examiner (Gutachter) for Fabian Hemmert, Dr.-Ing. "Encountering the Digital: Representational and Experiential Embodiment in Tangible User Interfaces. A >research through design< approach to the concept of >embodiment< in Human-Computer Interaction". Faculty of Design, University of the Arts Berlin / Universität der Künste Berlin, 2014

External Examiner for Sébastien Cuendet, Docteur ès Sciences, "Tangible Interfaces for Learning: Training Spatial Skills in Vocational Classrooms". École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland 2013

External Examiner for Astrid Twenebowa Larssen, Doctor of Philosophy, "How it Feels Not Just How it Looks. Towards an Understanding of Kinaesthetic and Proprioceptive Experience of Interaction with Technology". University of Technology Sydney, Australia 2010

External Examiner. Doctor of Philosophy Thesis (confidential). University of Queensland, Australia 2007.

External Examiner for Dean Hargreaves, Master of Philosophy Thesis 'Internet Based Support for Farmers Situated Learning and Planning'. University of Queensland, Australia 2006.

Direct Supervision

Supervising B.Sc. and M.Sc. theses at BUW

Supervising of final year projects (Bachelor and MEng) in the University of Strathclyde programs (in 4th year).

- Peter Kinnaird. Emoti: Emotion Recognition and Sharing using 3D Gestures and Social Networks. B.Sc Computer Science 4th year project 2011-2012 (co-supervised with Prof. Lynne Baillie, Glasgow Caledonian University)

- Victor Lee. Actuated Tangibles. Master in CES 4th year project 2011-2012

- Kenneth Coyle. Searching Twitterstreams on an Interactive Tablem TabletopTweets. B.Sc. in Software Engineering 4th year project 2011-2012

- Stuart Linden Swindells. A serendipitous mobile tourist guide (MEng - Master of Engineering 4 th year project) 2010-2011

- Carrie McCrindel. Supporting Children's Decision Making via a Tangible Tabletop Voting System (B.Sc. in Computer Science final year project) 2010-2011

- Micheal McCoormick. A Multitouch/tangible Defend&Attack strategy game. (B.Sc. in Software Engineering final year project) 2009-2010

- Robert Campbell. An Interactive Museum Based Game for Mobile Phones. (B.Sc. in Computer Science final year project) 2009-1010

Supervising master and bachelor theses projects at TU Vienna

- Matthias Stifter. Master in Informatics Thesis. Quantitative Analyse des Besucherverhaltens - Evaluierung der Ausstellung medien.welten des Technischen Museums Wien mittels automatisch-protokollierten Besucherinteraktionen.  TU Vienna, Austria 2005

- Margit Blauhut and Christian Ritzinger. Bachelor in Media Informatics final year project thesis.
    Besucherleitsysteme Museumskomplex Innere Stadt.
    (Analysis of the visitor guidance systems in the museum area of Vienna inner city) TU Vienna, Austria 2004

- Stefan Schmied, Daniela Ochs and Manuela Sellner. Bachelor in Media Informatics final year project thesis.
    Interaktive Installationen in Museen – Ideenskizzen und Prototypen für das Pathologisch Anatomische Museum    
   (idea sketches and prototypes for the pathological-anatomical museum in Vienna) TU Vienna, Austria 2004

Teaching before Weimar:

University of Strathclyde (2008-2013)

I regularly taught the following courses:

- 'Approaches to Multimedia' (2nd year), lectures and lab-based, on colour, sound, graphics, introducing Processing, includes a 6 week Physical Computing group project using Arduino

- HCI (part of two-part course on 'User and Data Modeling') co-taught with Dr. Mark Dunlop, lectures and labs/assignments

- Designing Usable Systems (advanced HCI course for the 5th year M'Eng students and Advanced CS Master) with Dr. Mark Dunlop, involving scenario-based design, interaction design, user study methods, prototyping and concept generation

- Topics 1, (2008-2010) a 6-week module on Interaction Design for 1st-semester students, where we had students e.g. identify and analyze an 'underused' space in town and develop a concept using tech to revitalize this space or to develop something for entertaining and supporting commuters in public transport

Autumn 2007/08

Co-Teaching at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Department of Design, Interfacedesign. Project course 'Remote Intimacy' in the Module 2.131 Design of Physical and Virtual Interfaces with Prof. Reto Wettach

2006 (New Zealand)

- 3-5 July 06: 3 day workshop on Interaction Design taught with Mark Billinghurst and Amanda Mander
- 7. July 06: Interaction Design Tutorial at NZ-CHI'06  in Christchurch
- development of teaching materials for a 4-5 day workshop

Autumn Term 2005

Associate Tutor/ Lecturer for Integrated Studies I, University of Sussex, UK, a seminar within the HCT masters degree program
(convenor: Prof. Geraldine Fitzpatrick)

2003/04 (acting assistant prof TU Vienna)

Multimediaproduktion 2: Interaktionsdesign. 2nd year bachelor program (lectures, weekly lab exercises + assignments) summer term 2003 and 2004. 4,5 ECTS undergraduate course for bachelor media informatics. Co-taught and newly developed with Dr. Hilda Tellioglu.

Spezielle Kapitel der MedienInformatik 2: Tangible Computing. Postgraduate course (lectures, seminar + project work) summer term 2004. 3 ECTS postgraduate class

Experimentelle Gestaltung von Multimedia-Anwendungen. Postgraduate course (lectures, student exercises + project) summer term 2004) - 6 ECTS postgraduate course on experimental design methods

Projektorientierte Recherche. Postgraduate course (lecture, seminar and project). winter term 2003. 6 ECTS course on research methods for media design


Interaktivität erleben und gestalten. Eine Einführung ins Interaktionsdesign
3-5.9.2003 at the ditact in Salzburg (Austrian women's IT summer studies)

ditact logo

Before 2003

Course (Seminar) "Sinn für die Sinne -- Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Real Reality"
with Willi Bruns and Bernd Robben in WS 97/98, University of Bremen, Dept. of Informatics

Programming Course Java,
with Prof. Silke Seehusen (FH Lübeck),
 at the Informatica Feminale in Bremen, Summer university for women in computer science during summer 98 

Graspable Interfaces: a Valuable Tool for Cooperative Modeling & Design.  
23. October 2001. Guest talk in Ernesto Arias' class on Research Issues & Methods in Planning and Design' ENVD 3122. Dept. of Architecture and Urban Planning. University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
informatica Feminale Logo

Verantwortung in IT-Berufen.
  30.6. 2001
Guest talk about  "Responsibility in IT-Work" in Seminar "InformatikerInnen -- hochbezahlte Gurus oder nützliche Idioten" (led by Prof. Thomas Risse and Prof. Meyer-Braun) for the Technical Informatics studies program of Bremen University of Applied Sciences (Studiengang Technische Informatik der Hochschule Bremen)

During studies (at Technical University Darmstadt)

- 01.07.92 - 31.12.94: student member of HDA-Tutorengruppe (student facilitators at  Higher education center) of the Technical University Darmstadt, responsible for developing and conducting courses on rhetoric, facilitation methods for tutors of exercise classes and for 1st-years orientation week tutors, and team training for software engineering

- 1988 - 1992:  organization, planning and supervision of computer science newcomers orientation week, supervision of other tutors and preparation of materials